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TeamViewer for Windows 8.1

TeamViewer for Windows 8.1

It may occur, that the assistance is required for a person you know, a friend or a colleague to setup the OS environment, one of the apps or services on the PC. In this case the appropriate software is required for remote control of the computer, and one of such applications is free TeamViewer for Windows 8.1. It will allow to distantly customize any program, to change parameters of the operational system and to configure the settings of the appropriate system utility, designed to emulate the proper environment or to automatically clean the obsolete registry entries, for instance.

TeamViewer for Windows 8.1You may install the program via the standard installation routine, despite the special “Quick Support” release can be run without any preliminary installation. For connection to remote PC to be completed, the application should be initiated on both computers. Administrative privileges are required in order to install TeamViewer, but after it is installed, it can be run by the user with any rights in the OS. When the program is called on the PC, it creates a unique ID-number for the source machine and a password (user-defined passwords can be used as well). To maintain a stable connection between remote and local machines, created by the app ID-number and password are needed both from the distant and local side.

Also you may initiate an online meeting with the participants for free. The meeting can be arranged and handled as the presentation, video call or phone conversation, depending on the user’s choice. In addition, you are capable to plan the meeting in advance.TeamViewer for Windows 8.1

The product applies the RSA public/private exchange key (2048-bit) and AES (256-bit) encryption of a session.

In the configuration by default, the app applies one of the servers of web-resource in order to establish a connection and the routing of traffic between the distant host node and the local client. Each distinct package then identifies the way the connection should be established.

The new versions of TeamViewer are being released at the end of each year, i.e. in December. With each new version the reliability and stability of the product is improved, therefore providing space to new functionalities and features. In the latest currently TeamViewer 12 version Windows Phone and Chrome OS support have been added, as well as simplified client interface and smoother remote sessions operability.TeamViewer for Windows 8.1

It is very comfortable and simple to operate the app in Windows 8.1. The connection between the local and remote clients can be established in a few clicks, whereas controlling and managing it doesn’t require any skill from your side at all. More of that, the way you are providing a support via remote control itself is absolutely easy and non-problematic, as far as you don’t tackle with any obstacles or barriers during the assistance process.

If you want to check up the abilities and functionality of this software for yourself, just download TeamViewer for Windows 8.1 for free and enjoy the limitless features of the program tool personally.

TeamViewer for Windows 8.1
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TeamViewer for Windows 8.1
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14.8 MB
Operating system:
Windows 8.1
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32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
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TeamViewer GmbH
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*TeamViewer for Windows 8.1 is available for free downloading without registration.

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