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TeamViewer for Windows 7

TeamViewer for Windows 7

From time to time the extreme need appears to arrange a remote web-session with the aid of support of customizing the PC: making the proper setting up, installation or configuration. With this target the specific software for remote access to the distant PC will help, and one of such tools is TeamViewer. Install free TeamViewer for Windows 7 and use all advantages of this magnificent program product for free. Yes, if you are going to use TeamViewer for non-commercial purposes, all the capabilities and features of this app are available absolutely for free without any limitations or restrictions.

TeamViewer for Windows 7It’s really easy and comfortable to use TeamViewer: just download the app from the official web-site, install it on your computer, enter the ID-number and password of the remote PC and connect to the laptop or desktop computer of your friend, colleague or partner in order to assist him in setting up the proper program or configuring the environment of the OS.

In TeamViewer there are tons of additional features, which you can apply in your work. First of all, you may reboot or lock the remote station while using it, so that the operations in Windows are paused till the administrator gains access of the PC again. On the second, you may invite additional participants to the web-conference. If you decide to bring this idea into life, you have to define a person, whom you would like to invite and select him from the contact list. As a result, he will get a proper notification in a moment, which he would need to accept in 15-20 seconds, otherwise the conference won’t be held.

TeamViewer for Windows 7Moreover, you may send key combinations and attach text notes to the screen, which is very important for the productive and efficient conversation or support session. In addition to this, change the screen resolution and size from windowed to full-screen mode following your favors. Also you are able to switch the optimization of the picture from speed to quality. If you give preference to quality optimization, the quality of the picture will be the best, but the speed of all the operations will severely reduce. If you select the speed optimization, the quality will decrease, but you will definitely win in the speed of all operations on the remote laptop or desktop PC, which is quite important.

TeamViewer for Windows 7Another capability of great importance in Windows 7 is the communication. In TeamViewer during the session you may handle the video and text chat conference with the distant user and arrange either telephone or internet calls. One more splendid idea is using the screen as a whiteboard and leaving the messages right on it, which you also can do in a blink of an eye.

In advance, you are capable to perform basic operation with files and resources on the remote PC: that is sharing file via file box or opening object transfer, initialize session recording to external resource, taking screenshot from the client machine, the function of printing activation. As you can see, there is pretty a lot what you can do in TeamViewer, using the standard functionality. If you want to try applying the program for yourself, download free TeamViewer for Windows 7 and feel free while applying its features and tricks in the daily life.

TeamViewer for Windows 7
Software Full Name:
TeamViewer for Windows 7
Full Setup Size:
14.8 MB
Operating system:
Windows 7
Setup File Name:
32-bit (x86), 64-bit (x64)
Free Trial
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TeamViewer GmbH
Download TeamViewer from the official site
*TeamViewer for Windows 7 is available for free downloading without registration.

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