Old versions of TeamViewer for Mac OS

TeamViewer for Mac OS is a useful and handy tool for those who need to get a remote access to their PCs and devices. Since the program has been amazingly popular for years, it contains numerous versions with different functions available. The application can be useful for every Mac OS user, including MacBook owners and is absolutely understandable and easy-to-use for beginners, system administrators and software developers. The newest app’s version might not be perfect to all computers, that is why you can download old TeamViewer for Mac OS right here and start using the tool on your machine.

The program does not contain any paid services or tools, in case you use it for non-commercial purposes. However, its rich functionality can impress everyone.

Old TeamViewer for Mac OS is popular among those, who:

  • Have devices with low productivity and minimum system parameters
  • Get used to the old app’s interface/main menu and do not want to start using the updated one
  • The program has lost any function or option that is highly important

TeamViewer for Mac OS still offers the same basic utilities available in each version:

  • Remote access to all types of devices with different parameters and operating systems
  • An ability to solve any working issues without actually being present on your workplace (for example, when you are on the road)
  • The number one tool for remote monitoring and management of servers for system administrators and developers
  • An ability of taking part in presentations and meetings when you are far away
  • Handy chat for communication and solving any kinds of problems with your customers and clients
  • A great function of moving files between two devices
  • Highest protection of all your data and files, both transferred and managed

All previous versions of TeamViewer for Mac OS are absolutely safe and do not contain any ads or malware. The list of available downloads can be found below on this page.