Old versions of TeamViewer for Linux

TeamViewer for Linux is a famous version of the application that was developed to meet all the requirements and take into account all the specifics of your operating system. The application offers plenty of useful options for those who require having access and managing their devices remotely. The program also remains to be a must-have application for system administrators, since it allows operating servers remotely. However, the app is simple and user-friendly even for beginners. It always smoothly installs and runs on a wide range of different OS, such as Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, Cent OS, Fedora and many others. All the app’s versions, from the early to newest ones are all available for no fees. You can download old

TeamViewer for Linux below and start using the number one utility for remote control!

Why do you need to install early version instead of the freshest one? These are some of the reasons:

  • Your computer is low-productive and not amazingly fast
  • You have lack of memory and any of required system parameters to use the latest TeamViewer
  • An old program’s interface is much better for you
  • You get used to the old main menu and do not want it to be changed
  • The developers missed any of the needed function that are valuable for you in the current program’s version

TeamViewer for Linux has a range of functions that may (or may not) be present id different versions:

  • An ability to initiate a video conference with up to 25 participants
  • Audio calls and sending text messages directly from the app
  • Moving files in both directions
  • Additional advanced settings for every basic tools (remote connection, screen sharing, server maintenance etc.)

Using previous versions of TeamViewer for Linux is a great option for working with all the needed app’s features that are maximally adapted to your machine.