Old versions of TeamViewer for Android

TeamViewer for Android is a special version of TeamViewer software that was developed to suit all the Android-based devices perfectly. Either you prefer using smartphones or tablets that are operated by Android operating system, the program is still likely to work smoothly on the devices of different types, capability and memory. You can always chose any app’s version for free and download old TeamViewer for Android right here.

Here are just a few questions that will help you to find out, whether you need to download the freshest tool’s version or start using any of the previous ones:

  • Do you have the newest available device with all the modern features or prefer using your favorite old one?
  • Is your device low-productive or it has an extremely limited amount of memory?
  • Did the latest TeamViewer version lose any function that remains to be important to you?
  • Do you prefer old application’s interface rather than the current one?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, early app’s version might become the right thing you need.

All TeamViewer for Android releases have some basic features:

  • An ability to control your device remotely anywhere and anytime
  • Advanced support to all your clients, customers or colleagues when you are out of office
  • Get a free access to all the files, folders and other data on your PC through your mobile phone or tablet
  • Move files with no limitations on the amount or transfer speed
  • An ability to share and send screenshots
  • Always safe and reliable software with no malware guaranteed
  • Handy and understandable interface
  • No annoying advertisement
  • Top security level to protect all kinds of your data
  • Plenty of advanced and additional functions and settings that very in different tool’s versions.

Still hesitate whether to download the app? Try previous versions of TeamViewer for Android first and get premium software in just a couple of clicks!