Old versions of TeamViewer for Windows

TeamViewer for Windows is an extremely useful and convenient desktop sharing tool. The program lets you quickly establish access to the desktops of your friends, colleagues or customers in a snap. Although the application is amazingly popular among system administrators and IT professionals, it doesn't require any special technical skills on both sides, making the tool incredibly easy to use. The program has plenty of versions for different devices and computers with all modern operating systems. Being cross-platform, the majority of app’s users are working on Windows OS. You can easily download old TeamViewer for Windows right here and start using the tool in a couple of moments!

After successful download TeamViewer is completely ready to use. You do not need to install additional software or pay for any of the app’s tools – it is free to use for non-commercial purposes. The program has recently launched its freshest version; however, it might not be suitable for all kinds of PC’s.

Old TeamViewer for Windows is a great option in these cases:

  • You have an old personal computer or machine with low productivity
  • Some of your system parameters are not enough for the tool’s efficient work
  • You get used to the early app’s version and do not want any menus to be changed
  • The application newest version do not contain any option that was available in its previous versions

The program has a number of benefits that are offered in all its versions:

  • An ability to share screen
  • Possibility to establish remote access to any of your computers or devices in no more than a couple of clicks
  • Securely protected connection: you will need to enter a special password on both sides of connection
  • Highest level of encryption to protect all available data
  • An ability to send files on the highest speed
  • Take part in meetings and presentations with your friends or colleagues remotely
  • Advanced features that may differ in different app’s versions

All previous versions of TeamViewer for Windows are absolutely free and do not contain any harmful software.