TeamViewer for Android is the most popular service for remote control of your devices. Now you can use your mobile phone, based on Android operating
TeamViewer is a famous app for remote control, online meetings, desktop sharing, file transfer and web conferencing between computers. The program
The support for setting up the software and OS parameters is required not only on PC, but also on mobile phone. With this target the specific app

TeamViewer for mobile phone

TeamViewer for mobile phone is an extremely popular solution for establishing and managing data through the remote access to various kinds of tablets, laptops and PCs. Now there is great news for those who value their time and extended working opportunities: the app is currently available for smartphones with different kinds of operating systems! The application is free for non-commercial usage, so you can easily set up it on your smartphone. Download TeamViewer for mobile phone right now and dive into the world of new possibilities for working remotely!

As for the non-professional users and beginners, TeamViewer for mobile phone offers numerous amazing advantages:

  • Understandable interface with all the needed functions available in the main menu
  • Multi-platform: no need to install additional software in case you use different mobile devices
  • Easy file transfer option
  • Handy chat for advanced communication with both customers and colleagues
  • Screen sharing
  • Get some device information, including battery health, CPU and RAM usage, storage, as well as device-specific values
  • Absolutely safe and secure

TeamViewer offers a list of functions for professional users and system administrators:

  1. Advanced technical support for mobiles and tablets:
    • Connect to mobile devices from any macOS, Windows or Linux PC. Moreover, the app works smoothly on numerous other world known operating systems
    • Install apps, check the device status, as well as and push and pull the needed settings.
    • Control Universal Windows Platform and Android devices (even unattended) remotely.
    • Support iOS devices via push and pull options, screen sharing and file sharing
  2. Technical support for your mobile app

    Provide premium customer support through the program’s screen sharing SDK for iOS and Android. If you are developer, you can easily add the tool for technical support into your app!

    • Customers request support from within your application, which then generates a service case.
    • Connect to customer’s mobile devices for providing immediate assistance.
  3. Convenient screen sharing SDK for iOS/Android

TeamViewer now allows real-time screen sharing of any iOS or Android app. You can add the tool into any of your own applications and enable remote support.