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TeamViewer for Windows Phone

TeamViewer for Windows Phone

The support for setting up the software and OS parameters is required not only on PC, but also on mobile phone. With this target the specific app entitled TeamViewer will definitely help. The tuning of the system settings, the customization of the software behavior and business logic – for all this stuff TeamViewer for Windows Mobile will surely be helpful.

As far as your relatives find out, that you are confident with the computers management and setting up, the happy and free evenings for you are over. Day after day they will ask you to help them with instant turning off of the monitor, with the installation and setting up of another program or with modifying the parameters of the browser, as if you were a constantly-working, free customer service support.TeamViewer for Windows Phone

There’s a great news – now you may rely on TeamViewer, the professional free remote PC control and management tool. It will allow you to gain access to the computers of your customers, relatives and friends in a finger clip. Moreover, it doesn’t need any technical perks and skills on the distant side, which makes it unbelievably comfortable and simple to use.

Similar to Online Desktop Presenter functionality, all you need to have is a running copy of TeamViewer on your machine and on the computer of another person, to whom you wish to connect. Every time you run the TeamViewer app you will receive a unique ID-number of the active session and a password, which you may use in order to connect to other user’s computer. In such a way, TeamViewer may be applied for both letting the other person enter your PC if you require remote support and lets you to enter the remote desktop.TeamViewer for Windows Phone

In addition to using the remote PC as if it were yours, you may also address to other product functionalities: internal chat client, the capability to record the session, file transfer tool and others.

The presented version of TeamViewer is basically a limited release of the fully-functional paid application, and in such a way it needs a bit of additional functionality and extra modules. Despite, it is a splendid assistance utility yet, when you require to resolve minor discrepancies in remote systems business logic layers or display someone else the common idea, how to implement an appropriate project or target on the personal computer.TeamViewer for Windows Phone

TeamViewer for Windows Phone is absolutely elementary and intuitive tool. After downloading the latest version from the official web-resource, you will receive an ultimate product with tons of useful functionalities in addition to standard features, like sharing the screen of your phone to remote client. Moreover, you will gain the ability to handle a business meeting with your partners or colleagues via your mobile device with just couple of taps on the app primary form, and this is more than important.

If you want to try using the product features for your own, simply download TeamViewer for Windows Phone for free, try installing it and get a pleasure from attractive design and interface of the tool, as well as the abilities.

TeamViewer for Windows Phone
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TeamViewer for Windows Phone
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Windows Phone
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Phone and tablet
TeamViewer GmbH
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*TeamViewer for Windows Phone is available for free downloading without registration.

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