Previous versions of TeamViewer

TemViewer is a famous program for remote control and management, taking part in online meetings, arranging web conferences, desktop sharing and moving files between computers. The tool was first launched in 2005; since then the developers offered numerous program’s versions for various operating systems and machines with different functionality. Currently, the app is completely cross-platform and can be used either on personal computers, laptops or mobile devices. Many users get used to early program’s version and still prefer basic functionality, despite the availability of dozens of new features. You can download old TeamViewer app and start using your favorite tools with no unnecessary additional utilities.

The installation and setup procedures of TemViewer are always easy as 1-2-3. No matter, which version you will choose, there is no need to search and install for extra software to make your program working. Do not worry about any kind of malware, bugs or annoying advertisement, the versions below are clean and safe.

Previous versions of TeamViewer can be useful in these cases:

  1. You have a low-productivity device with simple parameters that cannot handle newest program’s versions
  2. Fresh TeamViewer has lost any of the needed functions or options that are valuable for you
  3. You prefer early program’s version, because it has a handy and convenient interface, which you like most of all.

Different versions can contain or miss some functions. However, there is a list of benefits that are always present in every TemViewer:

  • Easy remote control functions with numerous advanced features
  • An ability to take part in online conferences, meetings and presentations
  • Have an access to all the needed machines and devices, even when you are miles away
  • You can share your desktop to provide any kind of support and help
  • Move files with no limitations on their quantity, size or transfer speed

Find out all the previous versions of TeamViewer below and choose your favorite one for starting the download right now!