Sometimes it is crucial to help one of your friends, partners or colleagues to set up PC remotely, to perform some customization, to install an app
It may occur, that the assistance is required for a person you know, a friend or a colleague to setup the OS environment, one of the apps or services
From time to time the extreme need appears to arrange a remote web-session with the aid of support of customizing the PC: making the proper setting
From time to time, the users may need to gain access to their work computer when they are at home, even if they require only to copy just a pair of
Occasionally the ordinary users, beginners or pro, need the connection to the remote computer and to gain access to the desktop and local disk

TeamViewer for Windows

If you need some help in setting up the appropriate software on the PC, customizing the OS services or business logic, you will require specific software for remote support, which would allow to perform all corresponding configuration not leaving your favorite chair and working place in common. One of such tools is free TeamViewer for Windows. It will assist you to make all proper customizations in behavior of the system utilities and operational environment.

TeamViewer is a PC software package for file transfer between computers, web conferencing, online meetings, desktop sharing and remote control. With this program you can connect to computer of any of your friends, colleague or even customers remotely, access the desktop and disk folder structure and apply all required setting up. This is very comfortable if you, for instance, try to gain access to your office PC right from home, just leave your work computer turned on and you may connect to it any moment.

Hoes does the connection operate? Before the connection is established, each of the clients, local and remote, are assigned unique generated partner ID and password. After entering it, you may gain access to any of the machines without any obstacles and barriers. In the future, this ID will be linked to appropriate PC and will always be used to connect to it. TeamViewer supports Android iOS, ChromeOS, Linux, Mac OS X, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms in addition to classical Windows-architecture. Thus, you will definitely find your system in the list of supported platforms. In addition, web-browser can be applied in order to access a required computer node running TeamViewer app.

Moreover, the product can work in the miscellaneous meeting mode. There are several possible methods of sharing the info here: presentation, video- or phone call. You arrange a meeting, define a meeting ID and enter your name in order the appropriate settings to be applied. In addition, you may schedule a meeting in order to fulfill your plans for the future arrangements.The free version of TeamViewer can work without any restrictions an unlimited period of time for non-commercial purposes.

For corporate users and enterprises Premium, Business and Corporate versions are available.

The installation routine is working without any unpredictable results, despite the “Quick support” version release will operate without the need to install the product. In order to install the application the admin privileges are needed, but after installation the tool can be accessed by any user.

The utility uses 2048-bit RSA exchange key as the security protocol and 256-bit AES algorithm for the session encryption. The makes the app absolutely reliable and invulnerable to hackers and third-party persons attacks and interrogation and inaccessible to viruses, botnets and worms.

If you want to have a look and check up the abilities of the program product for yourself, just download TeamViewer for Windows for free and enjoy the broad spectrum of the tool functions and features, as well as comfort and intuitive design.