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How to install TeamViewer

How to install TeamViewer

TeamViewer is incredibly popular software that enables its users to establish remote connection to almost any devices and computers. The program contains plenty of advanced utilities for remote work, including special tools for sending files, taking part in presentations, sharing screenshots and communicating through convenient chat. Now you can stay in touch with your colleagues and customers even when you are on the road or far away from your office computer. Below you will find a detailed manual on how to install TeamViewer on Windows within a few moments.

How can you install TeamViewer on your Windows system?

  1. Download an application’s installation file to your PC. Then double click it to initiate the installation process. After that you will be able to see the following window:How to install TeamViewer
  2. Here you will need to select those parameters:
    Choose Installation to access this computer remotely (unattended) under How do you want to proceed? option
    Choose Non-commercial use for question How do you want to use TeamViewer? This makes the app free to use. If you need the program for commercial activity, you will need to pay some extra fees.
    Then click Accept and finish. Press Yes on the next screen and the installation will be launched.
    After that you will be asked whether you want to set up an unattended access, showed at the picture below. Note: this step is optional.How to install TeamViewer
  3. Press Next. Then you will be required to accept or change the default name and type your new password. How to install TeamViewer
  4. Choose Next. On this step you will be asked if you would like to create an account. Although it is optional, we recommend creating a new account. How to install TeamViewer
  5. Choose Next and Finish to complete your installation.How to install TeamViewer

After that you will see the following screen, which will be always shown when you start the program:How to install TeamViewer

Installing TeamViewer on Windows is a quick process that is usually made in several simple steps and requires no more than a couple of minutes