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How to find TeamViewer password

How to find TeamViewer password

Installing and using TeamViewer is usually easy and incredibly convenient. After you’ve successfully established connection, you will get a TeamViewer ID that cannot be changed, since it is used to find a device that needs to be accessible. As for the app’s password, it is generated automatically for each session. As a rule, you will need to contact your partner to get an access to his/her device from your side. That is why the best option to get TeamViewer password is to ask your partner to send the pass, which can be easily found in ‘Wait for session’ menu when the application is started. As soon as you successfully entered your partner’s data into your own app, the remote session will be launched.

In case you want to change TeamViewer password, you will definitely need to log out and then log in once again to your partners system.

If you often need to launch the program, you can set up a default password in order not to ask it every time you log in.

Using default pass can be extremely useful in many cases. For example, you might use it when you need to go, but haven’t finished your work yet. In this case, you may leave your machine with TeamViewer running in the task bar and make it accessible whenever you need.

If you want to change TeamViewer password and set a predefined one, follow these tips:

  1. Open TeamViewer.
  2. Choose Extras on your toolbar, and click on Options from the list. How to find TeamViewer password
  3. When the Options window appears on your screen, choose the Security section, located in the left side of the opened page. How to find TeamViewer password
  4. You can easily find a Predefined password (for unattended access) feature at the right-side panel. Enter the needed password twice in the following boxes. How to find TeamViewer password
  5. Hit OK button if you want to save new settings. How to find TeamViewer password
  6. You can easily test your predefined pass by checking it on another PC with TeamViewer.

Changing password in TeamViewer is an absolutely easy and quick process that can make a good job for your remote working.