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How safe is TeamViewer

How safe is TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the most popular solution for establishing remote connections and managing data with no direct access to different computers and devices. The program has been already used by millions of users of all modern operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS, iOS, Android and many others. The tool is absolutely multi-platform and works smoothly on machines with different system parameters. Although the application contains numerous features for remote control, management, communication, screenshots sharing and moving files, it still remains to be free for non-commercial purposes.

The most important question that is usually asked by most users is about the app’s security. Is it trustworthy software? Can you move files using the app? Is screen sharing option secure? In the other words: is it safe to use TeamViewer?

How safe is TeamViewer

User’s security is the number one priority of the program’s developers, who do their best to ensure absolutely safe using the application.

TeamViewer has a large number of features to protect their customers:

  1. Highest level of encryption
    All the application data is securely protected using RSA public/private key exchange along with AES session encryption. This technology is currently considered to be completely safe by all the modern standards.
  2. Validation of TeamViewer IDs
    The program’s IDs are based on various characteristics and are automatically generated by the app. TeamViewer servers always check ID’s validity before every connection.
  3. Brute-force protection
    The application exponentially increases the latency between connection attempts. The latency is only reset after successfully entering the correct password that significantly elevates your security. Moreover, the app is developed to protect your device not only from one specific computer, but also from multiple machines, providing a powerful protection from botnet attacks.
  4. Code Signing
    As an additional security function, the program uses VeriSign Code Signing to sign all of your software.
  5. Datacenter
    The program’s servers are located only in data centers that are compliant with a special international standard, known as ISO 27001, that guarantees best possible security of data.
  6. Two-factor authentication
    Now you can elevate your security by protecting your app’s account and thus your computers devices from any unauthorized access with a special additional security code.
  7. Black and White lists
    You can easily create a special list of clients that will be eligible to get an access to your machines. Moreover, you are also allowed to block certain IDs to restrict access by black list option.
  8. Chat and video encryption
    All the chat histories of your TeamViewer account are securely encrypted and stored using the AES/RSA 2048 bit encryption.
  9. Does not support stealth mode
    The app cannot be completely running in the background that does not allow covertly monitoring computers or employees.
  10. Password protection
    The app is able to generate one-time passwords for spontaneous support of remote computers. All the passwords are protected within the highest security level.
  11. Security Tests

The program’s developers perform security tests of the app on the regular basis to make sure the users are protected from all kinds of modern cyber-attacks and malware.

How safe is TeamViewer