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TeamViewer vs LogMein

TeamViewer vs LogMein

TeamViewer and LogMein allow users to remotely access PC or other device via another computer, tablet or smartphone. Both companies also offer chat software, data backup services and some other tools alongside their basic functionality. The comparison provided below focuses on the main tool of remote access by LogMeIn and TeamViewer.

Both apps contain a number of similar functionality:

  • Remote control
  • Desktop sharing
  • Remote sound
  • File transfer

However, TeamViewer has an additional feature of online meetings, while LogMein can boast an HD video streaming tool.

One of the main differences of these two is their payment policy: TeamViewer is completely free to use for non-commercial purposes, while LogMein has only a free trial period.

  1. Basic Functions
    LogMeIn enables users to access and manage numerous machines remotely. Various app’s products allow users to make use of keyboard mapping, sync clipboard data, as well as to save and manage their passwords. Among the other popular features there are HD video quality screen-sharing, remote-to-local printing, cloud syncing and backup, multi-monitor support, file sharing, desktop sharing, drag and drop file transfer, background login and remote sound.TeamViewer vs LogMein
    TeamViewer's developers offer a wide range of supportive and collaborative services, including online meetings, recorded conferences, file sharing and troubleshooting a device or even the network. The interface is really easy: all the main functions are available from the main menu. TeamViewer vs LogMein
  2. Restrictions
    LogMeIn allows several users to connect to a one host, however, only one user is able to control that session/connection. TeamViewer allows only one connection in its free version, or three with the "Corporate" version. But, screen-sharing for presentations and meetings can be done with up to 15 participants.
  3. Mobile Apps
    LogMeIn has developed mobile apps for Android and iOS. The iOS app allows remote app access, remote controls, cloud integration, email attachments, HD quality images, file and photo management. Android version allows for remote access, app access and sound.
    TeamViewer can boast apps for iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile and Blackberry. All these apps give the user a possibility for mobile access to an office desktop or other PC. Moreover, users are also able to administer unattended computers (servers) remotely. TeamViewer offers a number of benefits to its users:
  • Free for personal use
  • Reliable: is popular since 2005
  • Cross-platform
  • Two-step authentication support for highest security level
  • Multiple remote sessions
  • Wake-on-LAN feature
  • Multiple remote sessions

LogMein also has some great advantages:

  • Ability to access through the website. You do not need to install any additional software on the PC you’re accessing from
  • Easy setup and settings

However, both applications still have some drawbacks. Thus, TeamViewer’s version for Linux operating machines needs some fixes; while LogMein sound and chat are usually low-quality.

The applications are powerful tools for remote access with plenty of advanced functions. Both TeamViewer and LogMein have millions of supporters worldwide. Thus, the decision on which one to choose is up to you!