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How to control Android with TeamViewer

How to control Android with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a great solution for remote assistance that gives you an opportunity to control computers or other types of devices, including mobile phones, using your smartphone or tablet. You will need to run the program on both devices and get a control within a specially generated id. You can easily use TeamViewer on Android without any additional knowledge or programming skills.

The interaction between the devices during remote connection is amazingly efficient and easy. Making screenshots and transferring files is also very fast. Now you can control Android with TeamViewer using you smartphone, PC or tablet in just a few clicks!

The process of initiating remote access is absolutely similar for both PC and Android-based devices. The interface of the app is multi-platform; so if you successfully start using remote control for your mobile device, you will definitely cope with personal computer and vice versa.

How to use TeamViewer on Android?

Android and PC remote connection

  • First of all, you will need to download and install the application to both your PC and Android device. Than launch TeamViewer on both machines.
  • The application running on your personal computer will give you a special ID and a pass. You will need to type these details in the app running on Android device and connect. How to control Android with TeamViewer How to control Android with TeamViewer How to control Android with TeamViewer
  • In case both Android and PC are connected to the Internet and you’ve entered correct credentials, connection will be established automatically. You will be notified for successful operation in your desktop app’s version. Now you can remotely control your PC from your Android device and manage any issues wherever you are! How to control Android with TeamViewer How to control Android with TeamViewer

That’s all about setting the tool for remote access. Now let’s have a look at the Android app and explore some of its features.

Using TeamViewer on Android device: tools and functions

After you are connected to the needed PC, you can drag the mouse pointer on the screen with your finger. If you need to click any element on the screen of your PC, just tap single finger at the needed location on your Android screen. How to control Android with TeamViewer

If you need to type any text using the keyboard or in case you want to make the right-click operation, just use the corresponding buttons at the bottom of the app’s screen. How to control Android with TeamViewer

Now you can easily control your PC with your cell phone even being on the road! Isn’t it impressive?

However, one question remains to be answered. Can you remotely access an Android device from another Android like TeamViewer does for PC? Yes, you can!

How to control Android device using another Android device?

The process is similar to that one described above. Below is a quick guide in case you have some questions about using the tool:

  1. Install TeamViewer on both Androids and launch each one
  2. Download TeamViewer QuickSupport on the device you need to connect to
  3. Enter ID, provided by Quick Support app, type the information into the ID field and click Connect.

As far as you can see, using the app on Android and controlling Android with TeamViewer is a quick and easy process that is affordable even for beginners!