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How to use TeamViewer

How to use TeamViewer

TeamViewer is an awesome tool for remote access and management of almost all kinds of modern PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The app’s rich functionality and an ability to use it with no payments make the tool a leader among its numerous competitors. You can easily connect to another computer for work or provide support to your customers. Now you can use TeamViewer for remote control with no limitations, trial period, paid services or annoying ads! Just try using the software right now and you’ll definitely join a huge community of TeamViewer’s fans.

You can easily work with TeamViewer even in case you have no programming knowledge or special developer’s skills. However, the tool is also a great aid for system administrators, since it provides an easy access to remote machines, such as servers. Below we offer a handy manual that will give you the detailed information about using the program step by step.

The first thing you need to do to start using TeamViewer, is to download its special version for your operating system. There are numerous versions of the app, developed to suit Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android and other popular systems.

Then you will need to choose whether to install the app or perform a one-time run. How to use TeamViewer

For the app’s successful installation, you will need to choose “to use the software for personal or professional purpose”. Not to mention, the tool is completely free only for non-commercial purposes.

  1. Establishing Remote Connection
    When you launch the app, you will see its Remote Control menu. Now, you can either share your ID and Pass with a client or colleague to share your PC or acquire one from your friend to access his/her computer. How to use TeamViewer
    The requestor will need to type the partner’s ID and click on Connect to Partner. Then he/she will be requested to enter the password How to use TeamViewer
    These actions enable you to share the screen of your machine or request help from your colleague or friend. If you want your partner to access an app you will need to activate it by clicking on a special sign of the both-sided arrow in the bar. How to use TeamViewer
    File Transfer option allows you to move files to both sides of connection. Just select the needed files and hit a Receive or Send button, designed for these purposes. How to use TeamViewer
  2. Setting up a Meeting
    To join a meeting, you will need to your friend’s Meeting ID, similar to that one on the screenshot below. How to use TeamViewer
    Meetings have no limitations on the number of its participants. Moreover, you will be able to transfer files, make conference and video calls during the meeting. How to use TeamViewer
  3. Setting Up an Unattended Access
    This function allows you to establish standalone session. It is linked with Connection tab and requires you to create a user profile. How to use TeamViewer
    Before this you will need to choose a password for such a connection. How to use TeamViewer

These tips will help you to access your device or machine remotely just by logging into your account.

The features, described above are TeamViewer‘s basic functionality. However, the number of tools and settings may vary in different app’s versions.