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How to update TeamViewer on Mac OS

How to update TeamViewer on Mac OS

With the new additions and patches release, the user periodically needs to check whether any updates are available for his TeamViewer instance. If at least single minor patch was released, you better install it in order to prevent the unstable operability of the product and appearance of freezes and lags. In this article I will describe, how to update TeamViewer on Mac OS X environment.

The method of updating the product on different operational systems is quite similar, so if you learnt the update principle on Windows, in Mac OS you can perform absolutely the same actions in order to reach the same target.

How to update TeamViewer instance on your local computer?

If any of the newest TeamViewer versions are installed on your machine, you may address to the upper app menu, i.e. to the Help section. In there choose the “Check for new version” item, and the program will automatically check for the patch installation availability on the official app developer server.How to update TeamViewer on Mac OS

If update is released, you will receive a notification message. After its acceptance the setting up of the update will be initialized and started instantly. You may install the update of the product immediately after confirmation of the routine. As you can see, the methodic is absolutely elementary and intuitive, you don’t need to loiter about the variety of menus, controls and options in order to find the desired feature.

How to update TeamViewer on the remote machine?

It is also possible to apply patch of TeamViewer on the distant computer without direct physical access to it. How to do it?

Start an ordinary session with the remote PC by typing the partner ID-number and a password and generating a connection.

When the session is initialized, click the Actions -> Remote Update on the top toolbar in the upper part of the active session window.How to update TeamViewer on Mac OS

After pressing the button, the app will present to you all the available TeamViewer version numbers, which asks you to confirm the update. As a result of confirmation, the product on the distant client will be closed and the new version installation will start. As soon as the patch is installed, the reconnection to the distant PC will occur in automatic mode.

In the earlier versions of the tool the distinct button “Remote Update” was available on the home fixture of remote TeamViewer session, but soon afterwards it has been removed from the toolbar.How to update TeamViewer on Mac OS

Is it possible to turn on the Automatic Updates feature?

There is an embedded into TeamViewer functionality, which allows to install the updates and patches of the app automatically. In order to gain access to it, click “Extras” -> “Options” in the upper menu, and then switch to “Advanced” tab in the newly displayed form.How to update TeamViewer on Mac OSHow to update TeamViewer on Mac OS

As you may notice, there is only one button available in this subform – “Show advanced options”. Click it.

Here you may see the listbox “Install new versions automatically”. By default, only the minor TeamViewer update releases are installed to your PC. If major version update is available, it won’t be installed automatically. In order to change this logic, change the value of the control appropriately.How to update TeamViewer on Mac OS

This is everything, that concerns the updates installation to the TeamViewer utility. Updates – are important and needed stuff, which will always help to keep your computer invulnerable to DDoS-attacks and other hackers’ activity.