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Files transfer using TeamViewer

Files transfer using TeamViewer

The number of available functions in TeamViewer is enormous. In addition to handling conferences, video-calls and meetings, you can send large-sized files directly to your colleagues and friends via the Internet connection. The procedure of sending file objects can be absolutely secure, and you may exchange files right with the server or remote PC. In this article I will tell about the procedure of file transfer using TeamViewer from one computer to the other in details. In common, there are 3 methods of transferring files in TeamViewer, and I will reveal each of them precisely.

  1. Using file transfer mode. In this procedure you may copy files forth and back between several devices. 2 ways are available for the user in order to apply the file transfer mode.
    First method is related to selecting the “File transfer” option in the primary TeamViewer form before you initialize the connection via the “Connect” button. Files transfer using TeamViewer
    The other way is using the standard Remote Control connection to the other PC, and then choosing the upper menu item “Files & Extras” -> “Open file transfer” on the panel in the upper part of the session form. Files transfer using TeamViewer
  2. Next opportunity to send files right to the other PC-client, which I am going to describe, is the direct file transfer to contacts. In this method you will have to use the Computers & Contacts list or Windows context menu. After creating the distinct account in TeamViewer, registration and logging in to the utility, make a right click on the desired contact and click the button with the paper-clip in the upper part of the context menu. In order to see the desired user online, he will need to boot the PC and run TeamViewer app. Only in such a case the contact will be visible in the list. Files transfer using TeamViewer
  3. The default “Drag & Drop” routine. Applying this method, you will be able to copy any files directly from the local PC to the remote computer. In order to do this, move cursor to the file object which you are going to transfer, click the right mouse button and keep it pressed. Then move the cursor with mouse button still pressed to the target PC, local or remote. Release the mouse button. Then you will see, that the file object was successfully copied. This process is possible only in Windows OS, so you may skip it while using the other operational environment.

In addition to these, you may also link the TeamViewer program to the cloud storage account (Box, OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox) and exchange the files, stored in one of the described above services between the local client and the cloud. In order to bring this methodic to life, click “Files & Extras” on the product toolbar at the same time being connected to the distant PC, and pick the “Share via file box” option. Files transfer using TeamViewer

Using any of the described above methods, you may transfer files with size, larger than attachments in e-mail message. Also you may send the file objects to the media server or transfer data of huge size not using the FTP-server. In this article I precisely described how to transfer files from PC to PC using TeamViewer. As you may notice, there is nothing extremely hard in it, and the advantages of such a principle are definitely worthy the efforts.